Playful Pooch is Five Star rated!

Playful Pooch is Five Star rated! Click here to see what our customers have to say.

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Playful Pooch Headlines
Playful Pooch Headlines

Meet our new pooch Makavelli! (He is on the left) He is a rescue just like his sibling Everest. He is an 8 year old Saint Bernard but acts more like he is still a puppy! We call him Mak and are happy to have him in our family. You may occasionally see him along with Everest at Playful Pooch!


Pooch Of The Week
Pooch of the Week: Biscuit


Meet Biscuit! She is a five year old Goldendoodle and has been visiting Playful Pooch since she was just a pup! She is very well behaved and playful at the same time. She loves coming to daycare and sometimes we think she is part human! She is a joy to have as part of our great group of dogs that come to play. 

We Are Accredited

Playful Pooch Dog Daycare & Boarding is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pet Day Care in Denver CO

Colorado Association of Dog Daycares Gold Standard Accredited
Member of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association

Bring your young pup to Playful Pooch!

So why is it important to socialize puppies at an early age?

When you first brought your new puppy home, it was so exciting to pick out a new bed, food, a fancy collar and leash. and all those cute toys! But you also made a commitment to make sure they get plenty of exercise, social interaction with other dogs and people throughout the day, and to not leave them home alone.

While going to the dog park is a wonderful way to spend time with your pal. it is important that they first learn to play properly and interpret another dog's signals.  One bad experience for a puppy may lead to unnecessary trauma that may affect how they react to other dogs for the rest of their lives.

We encourage puppy owners to enroll in our daycare program. Your pup will be slowly introduced into a small group of dogs with similar play styles and temperaments.  Before long, you'll be experiencing fewer problems at home once your puppy is all worn out from playing all day.  They will also learn very basic obedience through positive reinforcement to help them learn to communicate in an effective way - not through jumping, barking or chewing.

Remember, daycare is a lot less expensive than a new sofa or your favorite pair of shoes!

Is Your Dog Feeling Lonely?

Many owners are unaware that their dog may be suffering from isolation. Dogs are highly social animals and crave interaction with living beings.  This interaction is a necessity for a well-balanced dog.  A dog who stays alone for 8 hours may seem fine when you get home, but being alone for so long can create a range of behavior problems.  Studies show that most dogs respond well to four or five hours of isolation, but not for longer times.

If you have to be gone all day consider taking your dog to doggie daycare here at The Pooch.  Sometimes one day of play will wear your dog out for a couple of days.  Also make sure that you set an hour or two aside every day for your dog. During this time,  play is vital - not only games they like to play but getting on all fours with them as well. 

Many people will not take their dogs out and about because they lack acceptable manners to go outside the home.  Some dogs are uncomfortable with other dogs, because they haven't been around very many other dogs, or learned to play appropriately. With gradual exposure in supervised playtimes at The Pooch, your dog will love going on walks in the park with you and meeting some new friends along the way!