Playful Pooch is Five Star rated!

Playful Pooch is Five Star rated! Click here to see what our customers have to say.

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Playful Pooch Headlines
Playful Pooch Headlines

Meet our new pooch Makavelli! (He is on the left) He is a rescue just like his sibling Everest. He is an 8 year old Saint Bernard but acts more like he is still a puppy! We call him Mak and are happy to have him in our family. You may occasionally see him along with Everest at Playful Pooch!


Pooch Of The Week
Pooch of the Week: Biscuit


Meet Biscuit! She is a five year old Goldendoodle and has been visiting Playful Pooch since she was just a pup! She is very well behaved and playful at the same time. She loves coming to daycare and sometimes we think she is part human! She is a joy to have as part of our great group of dogs that come to play. 

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Playful Pooch Dog Daycare & Boarding is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pet Day Care in Denver CO

Colorado Association of Dog Daycares Gold Standard Accredited
Member of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association

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Susan K

They were great with my VERY skittish, car-hating rescue dog. I knew I needed boarding over the holidays so we worked to make her comfortable with biweekly visits starting a couple months beforehand. She went from being a dog who puked from fear the minute we got out of the car to a happy pup whose tail wags when she sees she's at PP. The staff are friendly and I feel like they all care about my sweet doggie. The facility is clean and the dogs are well-supervised. So thumbs and paws up from me and June!

Cathy C

We recently moved to Denver and were worried about choosing a new kennel for Casey. We're very picky! I checked out about 4 places, chose Playful Pooch and did the one-day "orientation" for her. We were very pleased by how knowledgeable and staff seemed and how happy Casey seemed to be. We've since boarded Casey there several times and have no plans to change. They take very good care of her. We even watched her on the webcam once! This is a top-quality kennel and despite it being on the higher end of the price range, it's well worth it.


Alex K

Conveniently located on my way to/from work. Price is a bit higher than some competition, but still reasonable, especially with the packages. Luna loves it and is always exhausted when she comes home. From what I can see on the webcams, facilities are well kept and clean. Luna has yet to come home with a bug or otherwise upset stomach. Staff is always monitoring and interacting with the dogs. Extremely friendly and easy to deal with. I don't have a regular day, instead I usually call the mornings of or the night before to drop Luna off as needed and have yet to experience a problem. My only wish is that they would upgrade their webcams to something better quality and HD.

Tina M

I highly recommend the Playful Pooch. Full of healthy, happy puppies and dogs. The owners (Will and Brenda) and staff are amazing! Every morning our dog is SO happy to arrive at "school" to play with her friends (dogs and humans). She's happily exhausted every evening when we pick her up. We have no worries about the quality of care while we're busy at work. The staff are so friendly and spend the time to get to know each and every dog (their wants and needs) and dog-parents. I'm convinced the staff loves her as much as we do. The Playful Pooch offers superb day care and overnight stays, as well. We wouldn't take our precious dog anywhere else! You and your dog will love it.


Sarah F

I was nervous taking my (3month old) puppy to a doggie daycare, however Brenda was so kind and welcoming she walked us through everything from what shots he needed to where he would sleep during nap times. My dog now LOVES going there and we have taken him to a few other places just for convenience sake and will only ever go back to Playful Pooch.

It's a little out of the way for us, but well worth the extra few minutes to have peace of mind all day while we leave him there, as well as the entire week we were on vacation and boarded him there.

Furthermore, we got the sweetest thank you card from them after we got back from vacation with a picture of him having a blast. They are extremely knowledgable, friendly and most importantly, LOVE dogs.

I would and do recommend Playful Pooch to anyone who has a dog and wants the dog to be happy!

Laura C

I was EXTREMELY happy with my dog's recent stay at the Playful Pooch.  I had to make the decision about where to kennel him very quickly, after living in Denver less than 3 weeks in order to go back to the East Coast for a funeral.  Although I was referred to the Playful Pooch by another happy client, I was still a bit uncomfortable with the idea of boarding my 2 year old pup somewhere new because we have been living in transition for the last 3 months which has been very stressful for him.  Here is what impressed me:
~  Brenda, one of the owners of the business, returned my initial phone call on a Friday afternoon and spent quite a bit of time explaining how your daycare/boarding works.  
~  Kelli, one of their staff, provided me with a thorough tour of the facility the next day which gave me peace of mind that my pup would be in a well run, clean facility for his 3 day stay.  
~  When I dropped him off that Sunday, I was especially pleased to see that the information I gave to Kelli about my dog's 'sensitive' right hind leg was accurately conveyed to the other staff.
~  Brenda and Will were there at drop off and their love of pups was evident.  
~  The Webcams are great - with an iPhone App that lets you log in and select one of the many cameras available to get a good shot of your pup.
~  Lastly, Kelli, one of the staff members, was nice enough to wait an extra 15 minutes after closing for me to pick him up so I didn't have to come back the next day.  This was helpful because I am presently living about an hour from the facility.  
~  When my pup got home, he seemed perfectly adjusted, and happy to be home without being stinky (a problem I had with previous daycares) or excessively exhausted.  I think he had a ball.
~  Other reviewers mention their displeasure of the dogs going in their crates from 10-2 every day. I, too, wasn't crazy about the idea initially.  However, after watching on the webcams how much they play in their morning and afternoon sessions, I was glad to know he was getting a good break.  He also seems more 'appropriately tired' today than he has after being in other daycares where he was absolutely exhausted.
~  I HIGHLY recommend them.

Chelsea I

My babies, Sully & Isa, have been going to Playful Pooch since the day I rescued them. The staff at PP is always SO welcoming and friendly, even after being a customer for more than a year! They are also very attentive to the pups, often letting me know of any issues they had during the day and offering suggestions on ways to improve. The webcams are great if you're nervous and want to take a peek on your babies, but with my busy schedule I rarely get the chance. I know they're being played with all day long (with the exception of nap time, of course) because as soon as they get home they both pass out with exhaustion! Thank you, Playful Pooch, for being such a great partner in raising my babies!

Annie W

Our vet recommended PP, we couldn't be happier!! Alfie, our 5 mo old puppy is so excited when we pull into the parking lot. He has been both boarded and day-cared and loves playing with the other dogs. Brenda, Will and the staff treat him like family. The very clean facility and play areas are very well equipped, a doggie heaven. Knowing we have a safe place for Alfie to be a vigorous puppy has been a life saver!

Emily B

Based on my experiences with the owners, staff, and time spent at the Pooch, I have nothing but wonderful words for anyone looking to board or drop their dog(s) off at daycare. The owners are incredibly kind, and truly care about each dog under their care. They are both very knowledgeable on all aspects of dog care including emergency care, medical conditions like diabetes to name one, and canine behavior. I feel more comfortable about dropping pups off at the Pooch than any other facility I've dealt with, based on the owners and staff alone; I know they will be loved! The entire facility is always clean, and has never had that typical "kennel smell" whenever I've been there. Dogs have so much room to run around at the Pooch, inside and outside. I remember the first time I visited and was taken on a lovely tour. I couldn't believe my eyes! Dogs were playing outside on soft green turf, jumping around on playgrounds, and splashing in baby pools. I knew this was the place for me! Finally, each new dog is carefully evaluated to ensure they exhibit no aggressive tendencies. It makes me so much more comfortable to know that my baby won't encounter and mean dogs during time spent here. I would recommend the Pooch to anyone!

LeAnn H

Biscuit LOVES going to Playful Pooch!! Last fall we had just moved to Denver and were hesitant about taking him to a new play place. We walked in, Biscuit left us to play and didn't even realize we were gone--he was so happy. Now, it's his regular place and he can't wait to get out of the car when we arrive. The staff is so friendly, helpful and even gave him a bath before I picked him up last time. Awesome!!

Gretchen H

I read reviews and visited many places before I decided to go with Playful Pooch - everything you read in the reviews is true!! They are fabulous, they repsond to all of my emails, and squeeze Jack in when I forget to reserve! They let me bring his whole crate and blankets and Jack now runs into the lobby whenever I take him there. One night they even stayed after closing because my plane was delayed. Brenda, Will and their entire staff are amazing people that really do care about the welfare of your dog and take their job seriously. I recommend them to everyone who asks me where to take their dog! Bravo Playfull Pooch!

Deserai C

Brenda and Will and everyone at the Pooch are incredible! Our blind puppy was a handful until she started going to the Pooch. They treat her like one of their own. I would recommend them to anyone!

Deb D

Dog Boarding with Dog People!We were nervous about leaving our dog Kobe at a place we had not visited previously, but an unexpected out-of-town visit led us to Playful Pooch---and we were so pleased! So clean, lots of room, and the owners are obviously dog lovers---so in tune with each dog. We will definitely board Kobe there again as the need arises.

Nathan C

I love the playful pooch, as does my dog! All you really need to do is meet the owners, and you will know your dog is in great care. For those that are more detailed oriented, here is a breakdown of reasons I trust my dog with them for every vacation:
-The owners. We completely trust our dog with them. They very clearly love dogs, and only hire others who feel the same. That is the first and most important reason. This is the one thing all other places are missing.
-The place is spotless. On our tour, I smelled only soap, which is a nice change from some places.
-They allow tours at any moment, not only on specific hours or by appointment (they have nothing to hide). Many places have specific hours or are by appointment only.
-The employees walking around with the dogs, squirt bottle in hand, watch very closely and make sure all play stays friendly. This made us confident that if another dog gets too rough, or if our dog gets too rough, she will be corrected and taught better manners. There was no couch in the area, etc for the dog watcher to relax on, meaning they were always working and always watching. We have seen some where the person is just sitting on a couch in the corner texting their friends.
-The pricing is reasonable. Not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. Considering the service and the trust you get, it's worth the extra money to go with them.
-This one seems like a small reason, but it really isn't. We were in the middle of researching dog food for dog, when we discovered our dog food (one of the most expensive at the pet stores), wasn't actually good food. That very week, we dropped off our dog and they gave us a bunch of information on dog food and let us know that our current food was not good food. This shows that they care about the long term health of the dogs (and on the same page as us). To add to it, it wasn't even for a quick sale, as they even suggested other places to get the food in bulk.
-Overall, there is just a general feeling that they love what they do at the Pooch!

David M

We travel over 3 hours to board our dogs at Playful Pooch. The staff is friendly, caring, and very interested in each pet. They will truly go the "extra mile" to help a pet and the pet's owner. The facility is the cleanest I have ever seen. Our dogs are happy when we pick them up.


This was the first time I boarded my dog, and I felt like I left it with family. They invited me to tour their grounds. They let me me call has many times as I need to to check on my dog. They were absolutely amazing.

Susan M

We just moved to Denver and toured several other places nearby that were not as nice as Playful Pooch. Our dogs spent the weekend and had a great time. The place is spotless and Brenda and Will are very friendly. We are so happy to find a great place for our dogs to stay at when we are out of town.

Kevin C

This place gives you a comfortable feeling. They where very acomadating for my 2 big pals. What every your pets need in extra care they are willing to make it happen. Tremendous people who truly do this out of love. I would recommend this place to all my pet loving friends.

Paul B

Staff has been great with our dog, really involved and patient in getting past some of his behavioral problems; they have really worked hard to make him feel comfortable and they keep him active during his whole stay; great for doggie daycare as well as overnight stays; he always comes home completely exhausted from playing so hard

Michael M

They care about pets a lot and go above and beyond to make sure that owners are comfortable. Moreover, our dog loved her time there! They do a great job and are extremely accessible to owners. I would give them my highest recommendation!

Ann E

They take such good care of the puppies. I had 3 of them boarded for 10 days during Thanksgiving 2008. The puppies had a great time. It was wonderful to be able to log on to the computer and watch them playing and having fun. I would recommend and I will use them again.

Merlin C

Will and Brenda really do care about my dog and her needs. She is a 14 year old Shepard that has arthritis. Bailey always comes home happy. I like that I can watch Bailey on the web cam and see that she is enjoying her stay. Always the best care.

Rebecca C

We go out of our way to leave our Puppy at the Playful Pooch!! We know that we can enjoy our trip without worrying about him. He's safe, is in good company and is well-cared for....can't beat that!!

Denise J

We feel very safe leaving our pups with Playful Pooch. The owners are always there and the staff is responsible and trustworthy. Our pups are alwasy thrilled to be dropped off and exhausted when we pick them up. We love Playful Pooch!


Just as each child in a classroom is different and requires varied techniques for teaching each dog has varied experiences and social skills and therefore needs individual attention. I have a Boston Terrier that was not socialized while young (my mistake) and therefore has some special needs with other dogs. The staff at Playful Pooch recognized and worked with him. I am so grateful to them - I could leave my dog with them and leave guilt free knowing he was in the best possible care.

Meg C

Always friendly and go out of their way to go above and beyond. When my dog Lo got a rare illness that required constant supervision and hand feeding Brenda offered to give her the special care while Lo was supposed to stay with them. They remember Lo's name and special things about her even if she hasn't been there in a long time. Great open play areas for all the dogs and webcams for all the owners. Lo loves playing at Playful Pooch!

Todd C

I have been taking Karma (my 8-year old boxer mix) to the "Pooch" for years now and could not be happier with the "above-and-beyond" service I have consistantly received. I would definitely call myself and Karma 'regulars' there, since I travel about 80% for work. I sometimes joke that I only have temporary custody of Karma at times. Needless to say, i am never concerned or worried about the time she spends at the Playful Pooch. Brenda & Will, and the entire staff, treat Karma and myself like family and are incredible K-9 caregivers. Karma is always excited to see me when I return to pick her up, but once she says her 'hello's' she's ready to go back to her buddy's in daycare. And when I am away, the provided webcams give me the opportunity to peek in on my girl and she her hard at play!

My hats are off to the entire team at the Pooch! I can only hope to be half as lucky finding Karma a new 'second home' in our new home in Dallas. We both will miss you!

R Devitt

Playful Pooch is fantastic! I never worry about our little Dash when we drop him off! The place always smells clean! Brenda and Will and their staff are very friendly and always on top of things! They always have an update for us when we pick our pooch up and even send us home with pictures of our little guy (when he will cooperate for the camera!) Convenient drop off and pick up times! I like the fact that my dog gets to play all day and not be stuck in a kennel with a couple of walks during the day when he is boarded!

Jennifer R

I researched so many boarding/daycare places to take my two dogs to. I finally settled on The Playful Pooch and was absolutely wowed!! My one dog has some aggression issues and I spoke to Brenda about him. She still gave him a shot and the entire time he stayed there the staff kept a close eye on him and had a warning posted on his kennel to alert staff of his behavioral problems. I don't know what they did but he didn't have one fight or problem!! He now goes there regularly and plays all day. Brenda and her staff take great care of my babies and I feel confident leaving them there while on vacation or while at work. The webcam is great too!! No other place compares!!!!

Priscilla O

What a great home away from home for my kids, Roger and Annie! My shy Roger bounds out of the car and runs right into the glass door...Annie is a bit of a grump and she comes away from her boarding and daycare not so grumpy. I really trust Will and Brenda with my dogs and I know they love them almost as much as me. I feel so lucky to have Playful in my life.

Sue O

This place is the best - I have 3 dogs and finding an affordable boarding spot that can take care of young and old dogs alike is not easy! This is the first place I've ever boarded my dogs at, and have no intentions of trying anywhere else!

Bethany S

It feels like taking our dogs to a home away from home. Will and Brenda love our dogs and treat them like their own fur babies. We would recommend Playful Pooch to any of our friends, and we have! We were away for a long weekend and we recieved an email with pictures letting us know how our girls were doing.

Molly J

Playful Pooch is fantastic! I have used other dog boarding facilities in the Denver area and none of them come close to what Will and Brenda offer at the Pooch. We feel 100% secure leaving our dogs at Playful Pooch. The grooming services they offer are top of the line as well!

Marcie S

Playful Pooch not only has an impressive daycare and boarding for dogs of all sizes, the owners go above and beyond in answering any questions or giving us updates as our 3 golden retrievers made the flight from Honolulu to Denver one at a time. We have a difficult time trusting anyone to care for our dogs, but not here! The longer transit time from Parker to Denver is so worth it! Playful Pooch is the only place we will board our dogs now.

Shirley H

Our dog loves to go there and play with all of his friends, old and new. He gets so excited, he talks to us from the time we get off the highway until we arrive at the door. We travel quite a bit and are always reassured that Kodiak will be well taken care of while we are gone. Brenda, Will and their entire staff are attentive to all details of taking care of each dog. They are amazing people and you can tell that they are dog lovers. We are truly fortunate to have them here in Denver.


This is the best facility, hands down! Owners Will & Brenda are caring, understanding, and have a true love for the dogs. I always feel good about leaving my pups with them and their staff. The facility is clean and well-kept (which is not the case with other facilities) and my dogs come home tired and blissfully happy!

Byron W

I had to leave town for the holidays last year and couldn’t take my dog, Molly (the best dog in the world, mind you), with me. For the first time since I’ve had my pup, I was faced with the difficult decision of finding her a home away from home. It’s never an easy thing to trust an outsider to do the work we are accustomed to doing ourselves.

 My search began by googling (yes, it’s now a verb) “dog boarding Denver” and over ten results appeared.  My many, many questions in hand, I made my first call. To my surprise and delight, the owners of Playful Pooch in Denver (run by a charming husband and wife named Will and Brenda Miller) fielded all of my questions – all of them – and quickly and thoughtfully responded to my follow-up questions I asked via email. I emailed and called many other boarding facilities in the Metro area and received little to no responses.  In contrast, two individuals I had never met before left me feeling extremely comfortable (and excited) about leaving my pup with them while I was away.

 When I dropped Molly off on my way to the airport, Brenda made it a point to come to the front to introduce herself and give me a tour of their extremely clean facility. This only increased my comfort level with leaving her while I was away – which is not an easy thing to do. As I left, I reflected on the universality of my experience; that naturally, customers will have reservations with the new and/or with change – and addressing them immediately and thoughtfully is very important to establishing trust.

 I returned home four days later and picked Molly up on my way home from the airport. Her tail wagged excitedly and she ran up and gave me a few licks. Will gave me a full debriefing on how she did. She got lots of playtime in and was clearly going to be pleasantly exhausted for the next few days after all of her playtime. Several days later, I received a card in the mail from Playful Pooch thanking us for our business. They even enclosed a picture of Molly taken during her visit. “Amazing,” I thought to myself. What a terrific way to reinforce the good feelings I already had. I called Brenda the next day to thank them and compliment them on the smart way they ran their business. So often we spend time and energy getting customers and building and initially forming relationships – but we forget to reinforce our efforts.

 The process of finding Playful Pooch, initially dealing with Will and Brenda, and Molly’s visit was like a quick refresher from my time in business school.


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