Playful Pooch is Five Star rated!

Playful Pooch is Five Star rated! Click here to see what our customers have to say.

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Playful Pooch Headlines
Playful Pooch Headlines

Meet our new pooch Makavelli! (He is on the left) He is a rescue just like his sibling Everest. He is an 8 year old Saint Bernard but acts more like he is still a puppy! We call him Mak and are happy to have him in our family. You may occasionally see him along with Everest at Playful Pooch!


Pooch Of The Week
Pooch of the Week: Biscuit


Meet Biscuit! She is a five year old Goldendoodle and has been visiting Playful Pooch since she was just a pup! She is very well behaved and playful at the same time. She loves coming to daycare and sometimes we think she is part human! She is a joy to have as part of our great group of dogs that come to play. 

We Are Accredited

Playful Pooch Dog Daycare & Boarding is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pet Day Care in Denver CO

Colorado Association of Dog Daycares Gold Standard Accredited
Member of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association


We are proud to provide a safe, clean and fun place for all dogs that visit The Pooch while giving them lots of love and special attention.  We believe there are three important things that all dogs need daily:  fresh air and supervised play with dogs that have similar play styles or temperament, rest times with no interruptions, and social interaction with other dogs and our loving and attentive staff.

In order to maintain a happy, healthy group of visitors at all times, we need your help too.  Based on our experiences over the last five years, our policies have been developed to make your dog’s visit more enjoyable and less stressful.

Why do we require an evaluation day for new dogs?

It’s important for your dog to get to know us and our facility to assure they will be comfortable during their time with us.   Every dog is evaluated based on: 

* How did they do in group play - Did they play well or was their play too rough?

* How did they react to our staff when corrections were given?

* Did they show any extreme signs of kennel stress?

* Did they exhibit excessive barking during playtime or in their kennel? Quality rest time is critical for ALL of the pooches in our care.

Why do we require dogs to be social and not exhibit aggression?

Dogs act more appropriately when they are allowed to burn off excess energy through exercise and plenty of fresh air. Daycare is included in our price and not an “extra” expense.  We want everyone to have the social interaction with other dogs and humans that they need to be healthy and happy, therefore: 

* Everyone must be able to participate in group play.

* They cannot exhibit rough or aggressive behavior.

* They must respond to staff corrections.

* They cannot exhibit excessive barking or severe kennel anxiety during rest periods.

As an added note, however, separate play areas are provided for seniors that would rather watch than participate.

Why do we have dogs check in early?

Dogs that arrive late have a difficult time becoming part of the play groups.  Compare it to when a person arrives either early or late at a social function and feels extremely uncomfortable.  Also, dogs need a lot of exercise to work through their energy before being kenneled for the mid-day break or at night.

* Dogs must be checked in during the morning hours and no later than 9 am.

* No discounts are given for afternoon check-ins.

* We can provide an afternoon check-in by appointment only in an emergency.


Why do we have a mid-day break?

The average dog sleeps 18 hours a day.  Dogs get tired and grumpy and are not always good at knowing when to take a break which may lead to over-stimulation and irritability.

* We provide 8 hours of supervised play on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends and holidays.

* Playtime without a break may lead to aggression or lack of self-monitoring (time-outs).

* Our boarding dogs are fed during this break and our "daycare only" pals also benefit from a snack and quiet time.

Why do we not allow dogs to be checked in or out late?

* Once our pals are in their kennels resting, it is very disruptive for them when bringing in a new dog or when checking one out.

* They don't know how much time has passed and think it is time to go outside and potty.

* When dogs do not get quality, uninterrupted rest, they tend to be more irritable and less tolerant when playing.

Why is no staff on hand during the mid-day break or at night?

* Our building has both security and fire alarm sprinkler systems and owners can be assured that the building is monitored at all times.

* Dogs can sense when staff is onsite and will not rest properly which could lead to them becoming tired and stressed.

* Staff cleans the play areas during the mid-day break so they will be ready for the afternoon session.


We hope this helps answer some of your questions, but please contact us if you need additional information.